id like to know kos i need an excuse to be out real late tonite and my dad will ask what it was about kos hes seen it, so what are some key things in the movie
Rambo saves some church people that are on a mission, from God.

EDIT: I would say for you to tell your dad you were up late studying grammar with a friend, but your dad would instantly know you're lying.
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Well, at the Begging Rambo is headed off to work when hes 16 year odl Daughter starts coming onto him, so he takes out a Desert Eagle and shoots her in the Vagina. Then when hes going to work these Icelandic terrorists Drop Pinnatas from Blimps all over the City, and people start to panic because of the overload of 5 year olds swinging Baseball bats wildy, so Rambo goes all Crazy on them with an M4 Carbine and Katana.

tell your dad that, and i sware he wont Punish you.

he will ask you if your high, tho.
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I haven't seen it but I'm going to venture it's about how Rambo kills some people...in a jungle.
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Wikipedia says its got 236 kills in it (2.59 kills per minute!)

Thats pretty impresive