Ok Hi Everyone this is my fisrt thread thingy...blah blah blah

Im here to ask you all about amps and all that crap.

whats all this stuff about tube amps and valve amps and pre-amps i dont get all this stuff

like whats a tube amp and preamp and a valve amp and heads and cabinets and all that stuff?? HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

Tube amp - tube preamp + tube poweramp.
Valve amp = tube amp.
Head - preamp + poweramp without speakers.
Cabinets - 'box' that contains speakers
Preamp - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Preamplifier
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A tube amp is an amp that uses preamp and power tubes to produce sound. A solid state amp doesn't have tubes. Most people prefer tube amps because of the tone difference. A valve amp is the same thing as a tube amp.

You have to buy a head and a cab together. This is called a halfstack. A head and two cabs would be a full stack. An amplifier that is a head and cab in one is called a combo amp. Most people have tube combos around here because nobody really needs a halfstack. Most beginners start out with SS combos.

Also, tubes are way louder than SS. If you have 100 watts of tube, it could literally take a house down when it's not even cranked.

Did I cover everything you wanted to know?
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