My band is currently pulling a complete one-eighty to try to perfect our sound. Our drummer has now left the band and our bass player will be filling in on drums. We're getting a new bass player. We're looking to switch up/perfect our sound a bit, so we're trying to pick out our major flaws from our former sound first off. If anybody could go listen and tell me what they feel needs to be changed up, that'd be rad.

Thanks dudes. A link to us is http://dtoc.battleofthebands.com/hotfix
The mix is a little messy. Actually, its really messy. Don't quite like the reverb on the vocals. Need to create proper channels for each instrument to fit in the track and sound out individually. Cymbals are too chimey. Drums basically need more attack and the kick sorta needs more punch to them.

Well, for some proper crits, i really scrutinized every little aspect of your recording to pick out the flaws. Its is a much better recording than the average unsigned myspace band. But its still a long way away from record label level recording.

So in more detail,
The mix is a big mess. All the instruments are really fighting and struggling to be heard in the mix. The guitars, bass, vocals, back up vocals, drums, they're all masking eachother out n well, ending up really messy.
All the instruments in the track should be assigned their own space. This is done through EQing, panning and setting up the right level for every individual instrument to give it its space in the track which belongs to that instrument alone and nothing elz interferes with it there.
Its a little advanced recording technique, but look into EQing the different instruments to create their channels throughout the track.

Then the lead guitar is seriously fighting with the rhythm to be heard. It is basically in the same space as the other guitar. Either EQ the other guitar to put it in another bandwidth or use panning and reverb to place the lead guitar in a different proximity to the rhythm. This will make the lead stand out and cut through the rhythm much better without masking the rhythm out.
The rhythm guitar is a little too full and seriously needs EQing. Its taking up the whole bandwidth of the track. Narrow it down to a more specific tone of the sound that you wanna capture and making the tone tighter.

The drums are fine but the cymbals are too chimey. Too much ringing sound n high frequencies. Change cymbals or EQ them to get a make them sound tighter.

The kick will sound better with a more of a punch. A fast attack on the kick n remove the low end will sound good for double kicks. Listen to Lamb of God, their kick has that fash, high attack distinctive sound that stands out in the track.

I don't really like the reverb used on the vocals. Though the vocals still do sound pretty good. The double take on the vocals sorta stands out a little n is not very perfect. Backing vocals sound very muffled/drowsy... need to brighten em up a bit. Actually the vocals overall need to br brightened up a little. But they're still sorta fine.

Main problem is the guitar. Its seriously masking and drowsing out everything else. Need to do a better job mixing the guitar and all the things i mentioned above.

Hope that helped!!
I'm not a pro producer, but i've still got descent amount of knowledge and skill to do the job and pick up flaws in recordings...

And this really belongs in the Riffs and Recordings forum.
A lot more people like me there who'ld give you loads more tips and help you out.
Hey thanks dude. I actually have a similar thread posted there as well. I was hoping for, in this forum, to get more ideas about what to do with actual band members, strengths and weaknesses of the instruments themselves, etc. And in the other forum, to get something more like you've given me. Thanks a lot though, really opened my eyes to a lot of things
Aah, keeping a band together.
I'm quite horrible at that myself thats why i've decided to just go solo for the while. Till i can find the perfect band members.
Its a bitch dealing with people and their attitudes.

And about music making, i think when you do it, there shouldn't be any rules. Just let it come from the heart and write as many songs as you can without any bounds on genre n all. The more you write, the tighter your sound will become. Its all about coming up with a rough draft straight from the heart. Then improvising on it to make it tighter till you've got the final piece you're all satisfied with.

I can't tell you what you should do with your music. I'm against all that stuff when record labels tell artists to change their music for wider approval. Just do what YOU feel like. Its your band! I can only pick out little flaws in your production. Outside of that the music is yours.

And i think band shouldn't be just about making music, but it should be a lot of fun too. So when you guys are together don't just think about music all the time. Do a lot of fun stuff too. Even during band practice, keep em fun. You guys should be more of mates than just band mates. So don't just be all about music. Go out, do other fun stuff with your band too. Its about having a healthy and strong relationship in the band. Internal rivalry and hate is seriously the last thing you'ld want in a band. Saw many really good sounding bands split up just cuz the band mates couldn't get on well with each other.
I think the music is great, but the mix was a bit messy, and fragile gave some great tips to clear that up.