My band is currently pulling a complete one-eighty to try to perfect our sound. Our drummer has now left the band and our bass player will be filling in on drums. We're getting a new bass player. We're looking to switch up/perfect our sound a bit, so we're trying to pick out our major flaws from our former sound first off. If anybody could go listen and tell me what they feel needs to be changed up, that'd be rad.

Thanks dudes. A link to us is http://dtoc.battleofthebands.com/hotfix

Also, anything that you really like about what you hear would also help us in determining what to keep the same.
Well, I think your bass is too low in the mix, but otherwise, it sounds pretty good, except for the guy who screams halfway through the song. You need a better screamer. However, songwriting-wise and stylistically, you guys sound like every other post-screamo-prog-punk band out there, maybe you love the music you're playing, but if you want to get noticed you'll have to write something more original.

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