I want to play some primus!!!! I've been looking to buy a bass and I finally have the money for it. I'm looking to spend between 200-300$. I'm looking for a bass that is easy to play/handle. Any suggestions?
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ibanez gsr200 is awesome
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Dean edge??

wonderful tone and you might be able to get one in your range, depending where you are
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Um. Check the FAQ. Lotsa options there. And then get to a music store and try some basses; its the same theory that led to your guitar purchases.

And Ibanez is not for everyone. Some find the necks too thin, so its good to try a range of options. And don't dismiss the used market; some great buys are there as well.

And...remember, you need to buy an amp as well. No, you can't use your guitar amp to do double duty.
for primus maybe a squier jazz bass
or the gsr200 wich BTW is awesome
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umm, am I the first one to suggest this(?), but I'm gunna say you might want to look at 5 strings to play Primus, im not to familiar with 5 strings in that price. Maybe the peavy millenniums.
But, I know how you feel.... I get the yearning to jam to Les Claypool riffs all the time.
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But, I know how you feel.... I get the yearning to jam to Les Claypool riffs all the time.

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