Would new pots affect a guitar's tone? I did a search, but I can't find what new pots will do for a guitar as an upgrade. How can pots make a guitar better?
i doubt they would effect the tone. you can get a quicker sweep with different pots. like the volume pots usually get louder a lot faster than the tone pots. i personally would like a bit more control so that might be my project once i get some money.
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500k pots are brighter than 250k pots. Caps can make a difference try some different values. Just as there is a treble bypass mod you can use on your volume pot, I set mine up on a switch so I can turn it on or off.
^i had a treble bypass'ness knob. it was just a pot connected as a variable resistor between the treble bypass cap and the volume control in series. kinda worked. i don't have it anymore.

for 250k pots, 470pF is nice. for 500k pots, 730pF or 1000pF is nice.

for the thread, new pots will and will not affect tone. if your pot has a different value, yes it would. like said, 500k pot will make the tone control brighter, and the volume control tad bit brighter and louder. if the value is the same but a different brand, chances are, maybe some difference in taper as u twist the knob.
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