Continuing my EP lyrics to Alexandra

Here is yet another and i have one more ill post at like 1 am (my time)

Caught By...

I've gone away
but i can't forget
i cant tell you how,
much i want to
hold your hand
to be your friend
to be with you
at the end of the falling world

You seem to fade
it seems that every
night and day,
i can live without you
your my daily dose
of reality

Falling flat,
like a piece of paper
i hope your there
by the end of the day
you will cry for it to go away
as i pick you with one hand

i hope your ok
you seem alright
every time i think
of you and me
you come back to life

You smile on the other side...
of our life of the street
we are caught
caught by each others...

i sail away with only a dream
Call me Sean
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i dunno dude, it just doestn seem to flow for me personally at least but maybe im singing it wrong.

still good work though, jsut try to make it follow line after line a little better
pretty good, maybe defining which part is which like verses and choruses and stuff would make it easier to take in.
its alrigth...i like some of your other stuff better but just needs to flow better...but still pretty good
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