I accidentely touched a screwdriver on the pick up magnet while the guitar was powered. The screwdriver stuck to it of course because it was a amagnet. It still amplifies the sound just fine but was there any damage? Sometimes when I tune using my electronic tuner it doesn't want to pickup high e (which was the corresponding magnet).
no. no damage at all. some people on here use that as a technique- placing metal on the magnets.
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i heard somewhere that u can hole a TV remote close to it to make wired sound... it'd probably mess up the remote but yea. lol.

placing metal behind the magnet will let the magnet's whatever whatever. it increases response.
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Just for clarification, when you plug your guitar in, you aren't "powering" it up. There is no power coming from the amp and going into the guitar. The pickups in an electric guitar make their own power and that signal is then sent to the amp through the patch cord. Touching a screwdriver to the pole pieces will do no harm, other than possibly scratching the surface of it if you're rough about it. A pickup has a magnet, called a pole piece which is surrounded by a coil of very thin gauge wire. The magnetic field from the magnet is constantly surrounding that coil of wire. As a string vibrates, it disrupts this magnetic field, causing it to collapse for an instant, then it reforms. This collapsing, reforming of the magnetic field causes voltage to be induced in the coil of wire surrounding the magnet inside of the pickup. It's called inductance.
What would be bad for the pickup would be to allow a much stronger magnet to come into contact with it. It would tend to mess with the polarity of the pickups magnetic pole pieces, maybe even causing it to not function anymore.
I've polarized and de-polarized screwdrivers with an old round speaker magnet. Just pass the screwdriver through the hold a bunch of times. This re-aligns the iron particles inside of the screwdriver and turns it into a weak magnet. But it's strong enough to pick up a small screw and allow you to get it started in a tight spot. Ain't science kewl?