Well its been a while since i wrote n e thing new, been busy with classes, but finaly got around to something. its my theme music/intro for a spy type movie, hope ya like it! cfc of course!


"James Stock W7 Theme"
dude, what about an actual solo in death metal instead of that poof from linkin park. Think of Pulse of the Maggots - Bed Of Razors

Nice touch. I like the feel of it.

Little heavy on the bass, but I do have my sub up a hair from monoriting some heavy stuff a few minutes ago... that's probably my own fault.

It has a jazzy style to it and it fits well for the genre you were going for. I could picture some guy in a tux walking through a casino... the standard cliche spy type movie, but I feel you grabbed the theme by the throat and ran with it.

*edit* it was my sub... lowered it and it came through nicely.
good riffs and good use of effects, i like the delay. and ya the bass was good level, your recordings are all really professional sounding, and i like the jazzy sound, although its not my style.
anyways good job, it kept me interested the whole time.
btw, what did u say about my song, The awakening? because the mods edited it before i could read it, i guess i posted too often or something.
Really jazzy sounding, with all those cool effects, really nice use of them.
The delay is pretty cool and the bass was so cool lol.
Like Flying said, it sounds professional which is awesome.

Really nice song, I enjoyed it.

Cheers for the crit.
This is good... not personally my style but that doesn't matter, because the quality and overall feel is very cool... Great leads - I would personally have turned down the lead just a slight but but again thats my style...

Apollo came in right after that and I like that too... They have a full feel to them, I think the fake drums kind of draw away from that... They are well programed but somethings not right about the drums (I hope I'm correct saying they are fake...)

Overall good work.

I have a new song if you want to check it out and comment