I'm getting a Vox Ac 30 but should I get the one that comes with the wharfedale speakers or save up some money and get the ones with the celestion blues? Any help would be appreciated
The blues are fantastic speakers, but they are waaay expensive. A just as good but less expensive option is to swap the wharfedales out for a pair of Weber Blue dog speakers, or the roc-approved silver bell + blue dog combination.
The blues are very, very ice speakers, and will serve you better as you become more picky with your tone. That said, the wharfedale speakers aren't too shabby either, and the real charcter of the SC30 comes mainly from the amp itself.

So they're both good, the Celestions will just deliver a more obviously "Voxy" tone.
The Celestion Blues really do give the AC30 the total package, but the Wharfdales aren't bad. If i were you, I would get the wharfdale one, sell the speakers and buy the celection blue copies at warehousespeakers.com. You would get the classic AC30 sound without spending tons of money.
I would go for the cheaper one since it sounds very good, not as good. the price differance is a lot, I think its too much..
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If you intend to play your amp at very high volumes, then by all means buy the Celestions. If you don't plan to use your amp to play at very high volumes, go the cheaper ones. It's only when you push a speaker to its limit that you can tell whether it is good or whether it is bad
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to be honest, i'd get the 1 speaker version...neodog speakers


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