I play through my TS9DX and Palomino (can get pretty heavy to a certain degree, with overdriving and all) and I'm thinking about how some thrash/metal bands get that evil riff sound. Any ideas?

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Quote by alexi_laiho18
use the tri-tone (aka the devils interval)

i was gonna say that

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+1 for the devil's note
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I've always though that "Black Sabbath" by Black Sabbath was one of the most evil sounding songs ever... just throwing that out there, I don't have any specific techniques or advice to give
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^That's the tri-tone they're talking about. Played by fretting two adjacent strings on the same fret.
Two adjacent strings on the same fret would be a fourth.
A tri tone would be:
E 1
A 2

On Black Sabbath the plays a power chord that would be a b5th up.
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Check out the metal guitar technique article here for more tips.

When I'm putting together a MIDI track, I just make everything chromatic with some tritones, and occasionally make everything random atonal notes, like in Slayer solos.