Well, here's how it goes. My friend at school brags on how he has a $1,500 dollar guitar. He said it was a Gretch? or something.. but anyway.

He always brags about his "DD-6" or whatever pedals and delays and amps, and all this other stuff that he has but i've never seen him shred once even though he says he can. I don't get it. But anyway. Here's my question.

I've started really sitting down with my guitar and started learning some solos and now i'm wondering, is it time to gain some new equipment? I mean, I have a 10-watt amp (practice amp ftw!) and my guitar. And a pick.

That's it. D: Should I go for a bigger amp, or a pedal? Or some new strings; or am I set for a while? The strings haven't been changed in maybe 8 months and they felt yucky a few days ago after I started the practicing of soloes, but now they feel very smooth and I can play on them well. I just can't bend 'cause I just started But is there anything I really need now? I'm into classic rock, and any rock with soloes. Those soloes are the most fun anyone could have while playing them.
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You should defiantly change your strings AT LEAST once every 4-6 months... so get some new strings and maybe a tuner before anything...
Elixer's are amazing strings... but that's a minor purchase.
And maybe get multiple picks...
What kind of guitar and amp do you have? If it's just a little practice amp, I would upgrade your amp first, then guitar, then get pedals. Pedals are like side dishes, your amp and guitar are the meat and potatoes, so don't worry about all the flashy stuff your friend has. You should build up your playing before you spend a lit of cash on effects.
I have a Schecter 006 Deluxe. The pickups are a littttle out of use 'cause it's my cousin's guitar originally but i'd say its a solid axe for me.

I have a marshall "MG-10 CD?" but it's a 10 watt.
Yea thats a wee little amp... I'm sure other people on here would be more helpful with getting a better amp, as I'm not TOO into equptment... I have a 30 watt marshall, but noone seems to like em' on this forum
I'd head down to a guitar center and look at their combo amps and see what sounds good... I think it'd be about $250+ for a nice amp thats 30+ watts...
Gear? Just a guitar and amp.

The 10watt marshall and my Deluxe 006 Schecter.