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27 57%
8 17%
12 26%
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im still stuck on how i should write my songs

like when im writing i normally record straight to my CPU but doing this i normally forget how i played a certain part

so what do you tab/Write, Record, or something else?
lately i've been trying to get some diary of a madman sounding chord arpeggiations. i don't even know if that's a word, but you all know what i mean. also on youtube there's a cfh demo tape and i want to get the brutal sound of it so im doing similar things. basically i just get inspired by the music i like.
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lately i've been trying to get some diary of a madman sounding chord arpeggiations. i don't even know if that's a word, but you all know what i mean. also on youtube there's a cfh demo tape and i want to get the brutal sound of it so im doing similar things. basically i just get inspired by the music i like.
thats not what i meant

i mean like when your writing your own music how do u remember it

and write it
I don't have any recording equipment, plus the computer I have to use at the moment can't run decent recording programs (384MB of RAM....), so I usually just find a cool riff I've wrote, play it 5,000 times, then remember it.

If I'm really tired, and can't remeber, I write it in tab on a piece of paper.

I've never been able to write an entire song, though. The closest I've came is the song I have on my profile. I tabbed the entire song in Guitar Pro, added bass, drums, synth and made sure I could play it in real life, and started writing more on the guitar, and then I had a massive writers block and re-tuned my guitar back to standard (the song's in B standard), and haven't been back to it since.

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i use a pen

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not funny

That's how I do it

I write it down on a sheet of paper.
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i usally write music. and my friend puts lyrics into it. then we just go from there and just jam and usally the jam helps us come up for the chorus. and then i create the "emo" lyrics look in my sig. and then i made 2 lyrics. and made music for one of them. and i make almost every intro. i use the tab for the music i create. (now i do at least) so i dont forget. bu ti never forget the stuff i made on my own. i usually forget the stuff my band made. and why doesnt anybody read my poetry?
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With a guitar, a pen, and a tattered old notebook.
The words are on the pages.
The music is in my head.
Write the words down in a certain purple notebook.
Play till it sounds right...then just remember it.
If it's like 2:30 in the morning, and i know I'll forget it when I wake up the next afternoon, I'll just whip down the chords on a piece of scrap paper. Usually single-note riffs I can memorize no matter what.
I riff sh*t out and if I come up with anything good I put it on Guitar Pro 5. Then I just add parts and try to put together multiple instruments (add guitars, bass, drums, keys, etc)

But its hard for me to finish songs, that's just me and good old fashioned writers block.

EDIT: I usually don't write lyrics (anymore).
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I wish I tabbed a song. Here's my process:

Usually I start out with a free free mind, simply having no idea what I am gonna make before I make it. I just fool around for a while, until something clicks, and when I does I expand it, By the way this is all done in my room. Then when I get a decent Idea of what I wanna do, I go to my computer, lay down a drum track, then I usually record the next day. Cause I keep gathering ideas for the song. I really don't think about it all that often, but when It comes time to record thats when I focus, and simply have fun and let go. Do what I want cause its my song, one of the only things that says, "I do what I want." Then I record straight, for 2 hours, 4 hours, 5 hours, however long it takes for me to be satisfied with my song. But the beauty is, after you are done recording, listen to it, then, you get even more ideas, then it makes me just wanna record some more and more. until I am fully pleased with the outcome. Then thats when I think of melodies, my weakest spot, but I keep thinking and thinking, humming, playing melodies on my guitar or key board, Until I find one thats decent or fits the song perfectly, I don't try to do too much. Then come lyrics. Lyrics I love writing, but its very hard to write with a melody. But thats the only way I have been writing my songs. I never tried lyrics first then music, but I do wanna start trying it that way. But yep its what I do, but I am not famous, so obviously my way sucks.
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Guitar Pro. I usually just get bored and drop the song though.
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I notate my music in Sibelius 4.

...modes and scales are still useless.

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i use guitar pro but power tab is just as good for free, helps you not forget the little things, id only use it for guitar and basslines thou
I just play each riff over and over again until i know it by memory
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As soon as youve written something you like PRACTICE IT! Sit there for like 10 minutes just playing it perfectly. Then play it while your usually bumming round on guitar. But as soon as youve written it the key thing is to just keep repeating it. Drill it into your memory.
o i clicked on this thread and i thought it would be more like what state of mind r u in,

cuz i usually get baked then write things down or record them on a camera and then show people im jammin with
I play riffs on guitar first then if im happy with what i have i'll put it down on powertab and compose the rest of the song to the best of my ability.

Im still learning though, to get good at composing takes time.
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Play it until you can play that riff/part blindly . if you have a memory of a donkey then tab it down.
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Guitar Pro. I usually just get bored and drop the song though.

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I play till my fingers memorize the part for me.
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