Listening now, I really liked the jazzy bits. Didn't like the heavier bits as much, but I'm giving it a go.

I think they're very good though
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I just got A Warm Glimpse, I loved it. They're really similar to Opeth, except more "jazzy". The vocals also remind me of Opeth.

Any fans here?

Where'd you get it? These guys are excellent, I have to get some of their stuff.
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Where'd you get it? These guys are excellent, I have to get some of their stuff.

I couldn't find it by itself, I had to get a pack of 6 discographies. Just search "farmakon a warm glimpse torrent", it should be the first one.
Nice, I like it. Here's me hoping this is the start of the New Wave of Jazzy Metal.

edit: the sax is pretty dire though
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Pretty cool. Definitely a band that grows on you. I just found all their stuff (and not on torrent), so if its good enough, I'll go and buy the albums.
Their ok. I have to admit I only really liked the soft jazzy parts. Their heavy riffs seem really repetetive to me and I didn't like the death vocals very much. The clean vocals were pretty good but they could be better. I don't think their that much like Opeth.
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Wow, their singer sounds EXACTLY like Akerfeldt. Little more Tatrgrteretennn however the **** you spell his name, on the growling.
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Wow those are very nice growls he got there.!
This could become something very nice in the years to come..

I seem to like the slower parts more than the metal growls etc.. =\
nonetheless nice find!