OK so I have a solid state amp (fender champ 110) and i'm most likely going to end up getting a fender hot rod deluxe here pretty soon. My question is with my current set up of effects (bd-2, morley wah, big muff pi) what type of changes can i expect from running them through the tube than through the solid state like i am now....if any?
As far as effects go, the main (well, most notable) difference is how a tube amp handles overdrive. In simplest terms, a tube amp will provide you with clearer, more defined overdrive, whereas a solid state tends to just become one big mess of noise except at the very lowest levels.

Please note: I am not talking about distortion. If you're not aware, there is a difference between overdrive and distortion.

Otherwise, I've never noticed that much of a huge difference in other effects. The general rule is, tube amps are more defined, clearer, and preserve your tone more, whereas SS amps just get messy and tone is lost.

All that said, I've had a few SS amps that handled everything well, and I've had a couple of tube amps which have become just as muddy and crap as most SS amps once effects have been added. So, it varies.

Of your three effects, I think the BD-2 will see the biggest change, as noted above.

The wah will probably react better, there will be smoother transition between the open and close positions (of course I'm talking about the tone change here, not the physical quality of the pedal itself...)

The Muff... eh, in my opinion Muffs are horrible pedals that just sound like inaudible messy noise, regardless of what amp they're put through, so I can't really comment on that.

Of course it all also does depend somewhat on your guitar and what cables you use.
Thats a pretty good lay out man thanks. I was mainly asking the question with the big muff in mind. I'm glad to hear that it'll preserve my tone through all the effects because with my SS amp i've been using my BD-2 to try to clean up the big muff...I dig the grittyness of the big muff thats why I have it but i've also been looking for a way to clean that up and I'm sure they'll be a noticeable difference if i plugged it into the tube...thanks man.
i run a big muff pi through my fender hot rod deluxe andi love it it sounds awesome only for a lead tone. to grainy for rythym. thats why im gettin a ds-2

personally i dont like the bd-2 it just never gave me what i wanted.

a fender hot rod deluxe willl suit you well with any pedal you want. its a great amp

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

yeah i dont love the bd-2 i was actually thinking that after i got this amp i wouldn't really have much of a use for it
My experience with solid state (Peavey Bandit, Fender 900 Deluxe) vs. tube (Vjr, Fender Pro Jr, Laney LC15) is that SS amps sound harsher with distortion pedals than tube. I also like my Muff for certain things. It has a distinct tone, a sax like growl that I like.