i have an epiphone les paul 100, a roland cube 15 and a boss me-50. i play 70s and 80s hard rock, heavy metal and i dabble into thrash metal every now and again (metallica, megadeth, led zep and gnr sort of stuff)

i was thinking of either buying:
1) epiphone les paul standard or custom, with a seymour duncan aph-1 and sh-11 (i think $1500 all up)

2) the above pickups for my lp100 and a peavey 112 valveking ($1500 there abouts)

3) just the guitar or just the amp

so, which of those do you guys think will be the best option for me?. or could you recommend me a better pickup/guitar/amp combination for about $1500 australian?

Putting those p'ups in the LP100 probably won't make a drastic change in your tone..
It's definetly better to buy a good amp before you splash out on a guitar.
Buy an amp first, then worry about a new guitar/pickups later.

Another amp to try out is the Marshall DSL401, that suits your tastes well.
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The amp would make a much bigger tone change than the new pickups will.

I would suggest first trying the amp and if you still feel you need more to your tone, then looking towards the new guitar and/or pickups.
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th vavlekings pronly bette than the dsl (more versatile anyway) ands a lot cheaper. a good amp will make a cheap guitar sound good but a great guitar will sound crap if its going through a bad amp.