well its a good song
but like
u need to get something better to record with
cuz the sound quality is horrible
and please dont call it the song from the end of juno
its a moldy peaches song
although juno was a cool movie
nobody seems to give the moldy peaches any credit
i might record me and my girlfriend singing this song
other than that
theres nothing really to critisize
its not really a very complicated song
and u dont really have to be a good singer to pull it off
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^^ Yeah i'd do it with my girlfriend but she can't play guitar
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ok, as usual pit is being very unhelpful except andychalmers, so im gonna go post this someplace else

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andychalmers102, that story is awesome.
the singing wasnt bad, it was the sound quality, but still cool man. and like Ez0ph said, dont call it the song from the end of Juno, no matter how good the movie was =/

still man, i really dig the tune
I love this song. From what I could hear it sounded just about perfect. It's not a hard song at all and you don't even have to be able to sing that well. The quality wasn't too great though. Good work.