so i just found an old ass game i wanna play (full throttle)

but i forget how to work DOS . So im in C:/ , now i wanna open a folder called throttle, then run a file throttle.exe ,how??

alli remember from like 10 years ago is, cd.. , to go back to C drive
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cd throttle

to change drives just type in the name ("c:" or "d:" or whatever)
to change directories type "cd <name of directory>"
type "cd .." to move up a directory
type "dir" to list the files in the directory
type in the name of an executable to run it

edit: or to make your life easier
http://www.dosbox.com/ to just run the thing in windows
cd c:
dir c:
cd \foldername\ throttle.exe

or you can just double click the .exe file