so basically, I need some new music. i've been racking my brain, wikipedia, and last.fm for new tunes but I rarely find anything that retains my interest. please pit. fix my music brainparts?

some music i listen to, as opposed to drinking it:
(just a random list of random bands from windows media player)

The Beatles
Black Flag
Coheed and cambria
counting crows
Daft Punk
David Bowie
the Deftones
Dillinger Escape plan
the Doors
faith No more
Frank Zappa
Jimi hendrix
Led Zeppelin
the Mars Volta
the Melvins
A perfect Circle
Queens of the Stone Age

that should cover it. I'm not really afraid of checking anything that's good. give me stuff, ole Pit of glory.
Alter Bridge.
New To Town With A Made Up Name

In The Angel's City

Chasing Fortune And Fame
^ **** yeah! That's what I've been meaning to get. But my source frequently craps out on me so getting some has been kind of hard.

EDIT: To the kind Crimson rec.
my first thought was actually primus but after seeing you already have them you could check out some of Les' other bands: Colonel claypool's bucket of bernie brains with bucket head. The flying frog brigade. Oysterhead. or the fancy band. and the thing that came after that was king crimson.
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