look my bandmates and i are all really good friends, and we agreed on the name last minute. But lately, our singer has been tryin to change our name and it's starting to piss me off.

I mean he agreed to the name, and was the last inclusion to the band, and was only picked into the band thanks to me. He obviously doesn't like the name and keeps comin up with the ****test ones ive eva heard like See yourself mirror.

I have been sticking up for him lately because everyone's getting a little tired of his whole 'struggling to sing' thing he's got going. He actually can sing, its just that he's embaressed to do so, which just makes no sense since we (his bandmates/friends) never laugh at him when he does finally sing because he is actually good.

But it's really starting to piss me off. Any ideas?
talk to him away from the rest of the band
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what's he want to change it to?
As if that arugment, what we did..was see all the singers decisions..they were crappy..and we told him that. Voted..and it stuck to the name

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See Yourself Mirror IS AN AWSOME NAME

... maybe -.-

Anyway back to the point, as SBLAKELEY said talk to him away from the band or if your all good friends as you say you are talk to him together. also why not change the name? if everyone isnt happy then its a possibility its not all about you. But make sure you all agree on the new one, its better to change it sooner rather than later.