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i was in the metal forum and here is what i said

"why is there screaming in metal? is it to piss people off? lol

i dont have a problem with it, but i wanted to know why almost all modern metal bands scream ???

is there a reason behind it?"

seriously i think this is absolutely rediculous, i politely asked a question and i got reported!

why? please
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wait am i gonna get reported again for not knowing wherre the **** to post this?

and by the way that wasnt sarcastic
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One reason metal bands scream is because the music can go off key and it is alot harder to write a vocal melody over somthing that goes off key. And screaming is the thing that fits over best.
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Shhh.. just delete this thread and pretend it was never there. You can get warned for dumb reasons, especially if your new. Your original question was not bad, but if you know nothing about metal, and ask a metal head he will flame your ass to hell. This isn't a bug, maybe a site suggestion. Never ask why.
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Do you have any idea how many of those threads we get in the metal forum? Do a search.

That's why I reported you.
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yeh well your a ****en **** muppet mate, and you need your ****en head kicked in if you take a ****en website so ****en seriously!

it was politely asked ****en question, so you sir are an arogant asshole! and an ignorant little son of a bitch!
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This isn't a bug report, this is you being lame and argumentative for the hell of it.