Could anyone with knowledge of this cab, please explain how to hook it up to run it in full 8x10 and not 2 4x10 mode? I bought the floor model and was not given a user guide. I also didn't think it was going to be so confusing. It is the first time i've never dealt with a cab like this. I'm attempting to hook up a SVT 4 pro to it. Thanks.

The manual (available online) does not clear this up. Some spacey language about this or that "mode." YO!!! AMPEG!!! IT'S A SIMPLE QUESTION!!!! Which HOLE do I STICK the METAL THING into to play through ALL EIGHT of the speakers I paid for, and NOT BLOW MY AMP?!?!? CAN YOU ANSWER US THAT?!?!?! PLEASE!?!?!?

bump bump BUMP!!!!!!!