Ok im getting really wound up here. My rig has always worked fine but ocassionally it just stops working and starts making random fizzing noises cutting out my playing.

My rig goes

Guitar---Line 6 Pod---Digitech Expression Factory----Amp

if i plug line 6 directly into the amp it works fine

If i plug direct into expression factory into the amp it starts fizzing and popping

Change the wires round has no effect. if i shake the wires and kick them about it ocassionally seems to work perfectly for ages at a time.

So you would assume its the effects pedal surely? But i only got it for christmas and i've not exactly abused it and the connections are all tight so what is the problem with it? Or is it just a cable problem that i havent seen which is what i always suspect with the way that it fixes itself with the cables?
Yeah, that sounds like a dicky lead to me.
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