i need help on finding a good site for amps (preferabley neo-classical metal/thrash metal sounding amps) in the UK, or that will ship to the UK free, or really cheap!

thnx!! XP
gak.co.uk Sometimes offer free shipping...
Thomann.de ship free over a certain amount of money.

Lolz, I has that yamaha amp. Well its been stuck at my friends house for about a year now and I havent seen it since but yerr.
im not sure pmt can quite help.... maybe im just not spending enough time to actually look at everything carefully enough, either way....
any other sites people?!
well i really dont have much atm
but if i need to a can keep saving a few more weeks
i have about £130, & get about £5 a week =/ aint much, but every little counts! :P
i was kinda hoping for a peavey or laney or somet like that, mainly... but yeah!
Laney LC15 with a Bad Monkey?

Roland Cube 30?

Depends whether you need it for home practice, gigs, or both. Of those two the Laney is far superior, but you'd need that OD pedal to get it to be heavy enough.

Avoid the Spiders, MGs, Cube 15s and Frontmans.
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Careful with Thomann. They ship their stuff with European plugs, so just make sure you've got the right adaptor.
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i already knew to avoid those
i was kinda looking for somet that would be suitable for home practise as well as gigs, cos i dont usually have a lot of money, so i was wanting something that would be good for both incase its ages before i have enough for a better amp!
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^ Laney LC15 with a Bad Monkey is what I'd go for, then. At gig volumes you won't be able to have a real clean tone with it but it will sound great cranked as it is tube.

You could also go for the LC15r (which I would) which has the addition of Reverb, an Extention speaker out and possibly an FX loop (if the LC15 doesn't, I can't remember. It will have one though).

best price is on GAK, but also check eBay for used ones for a bargain.
The Laney Thread are big and clever. No exceptions.