i cant keep my rythm on guitar while i sing, any1 know any good methods of learning to do this properly??
Learn the song inside out, to the point where you dont need to think about it and could even sing while playing it. Only then will you be able to sing while playing it.
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Start of with something like NIrvan then upgrade do some thing like Feeder then something like Megadeth.
start playing the song on the guitar til you know it proberly, then sing it without playing guitar, then do bth... simoultaneously
I learnt the song I wanted to play inside out then I used to just hum the vocal melody so I didn't have to remember words then I slowly progressed into singing but once you get the hang of you're first few songs the rest just get easier and easier.

Then again everyones different.
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think of it in measures, or like, head bob the beats. it sounds silly, but it's what my chorus teacher says. (about singing, I mean. he doesn't give out guitar tips.) But anyway, count in your head, see what time sig it is in, and go from there. like, learn it measure by measure instead of trying to sing the whole thing and play at once.
Here is exactly how I master it.

do this with either chords or leads.

First off Make sure you can tap your foot to the BPM to what your playing.
If you cant play while tapping your foot then PRACTICE until you can.
Stop your foot harderd once you get the hang of it, to help not only hear the rythem but feel it better.

When playing chords, first make sure your can tap your foot. Then Second Your rythem hand. Get the rythem of the chords down. whatever rythmic pattern it may be. Notice your hand pauses when waiting for certain chord strikes. Practice Keeping your right hand in a constant up and down strumming motion, even if there is a pause and your not strumming th strings, keep your hand strumming through the air, so it never stops going up and down.
If you cant do this PRACTICE until you can.

once you can do both those things, you should have anough rythem and muscle memory to sing whiles playing.

also takes practice just matching the words to the chords. Kind of like sometimes its hard to go from slow strumming to fast then back to slow. sometimes its also hard to do that with singing slow words than fast then slow again without losing rythem.
Playing and singing songs you like is important. I find it's easy just to find a song you know all the lyrics to and that you always sing along with (or learn one) and memorize it to the point you can subconsciously sing along with it, knowing which sentance is after which sentance etc. Then learn the guitar riffs likewise, and put them together. Before I couldn't sing and play, now I can. Just over-learn the song.

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