Anyone wrist and lower hand hurt? Mine does it dont when i sit but when i stand it hurts i dunno lol
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Yeah, if you start quite low it can seriously damage your wrists. Put the guitar as high up as you need it to be comfortable and then over a few months gradually move it down to where you want it.
your probably just wearing it too low, so start higher up and once you get used to it put it down
Or, just keep it where it is comfortable. I have my bass as high as it will go. Sure it doesn't look as 'met4l0rz', but playing with it too low can lead to some serious problems with your wrists (carpel tunnel syndrome, for example). Look at Tom Morrelo. He has his guitar incredibly high. He plays well. Nobody cares that he has it high.
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Yeah, just put it higher.. It's better to be able to play when it's higher then sloppy and painfully when it's lower.
It's doesn't hurt me when I play, and I play with my guitar low... It was different and threw off my co-ordination ALOT when I started playing standing because when I first began playing guitar at all, I was always sitting down.

But, yeah... As the others have said, probly should bring it up some. Don't tempt fate and carpal tunnel as I do. ^_^
I play my guitar up high when I am standing up. I look really dumb, but at least I can solo without Carpal Tunnel.
You need to find the most comfortable spot for the guitar.
And you sir need to raise it when you stand up.
If you put the guitar at te same height as when you're sitting, that could help.