Hey guys, i'm a retired guitarist/singer, and io sort of sing in a rockish falsetto (think Led zeppelin, Guns N Roses...stuff like that). Anyway, i didnt find a good forum where i could ask this, but recently ive had a problem with my voice.

So basically, i sing in a gritty high pitch, but now i feel like theres some crap (probably mucous) in my throat (possibly a little deeper) and whenever i do powerful bits, it gets in the way. It feels like it gets thrown into my throat, causing a sort of a 'bubble' which drains my voice so much (cause its hard to push through) and also i'm unable to reach so many notes i used to be able to nail with ease.

Could someone please give me some advice on how to get rid of this problem?

I have a studio session with my band next week, and it's vital for me to get rid of it by then.

Lemon juice clears voices up, try that, the acidity will probably break down the mucus.
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try both.....
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There may be some kind of medication you can take to get rid of it at least for the studio session... I'm not sure. Otherwise, just drink tea and lemon juice (by itself if you can handle it, or with water).

What NOT to do:
Drink coffee
Drink carbonated beverages (soda and stuff)
Drink milk

Those will all increase the amount of mucus in your throat.

By the way...: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=610558
Honey and lemon juice... i heard breathing in menthol as in just pure menthol will cause your nasal cavity and throat to clear up... prepare to cry though..
i dont smoke

thanks for the input so far though! just got back from the store and got some lemon juice.
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