I am a beginner bassist. I have 3 inexpensive guitars,Fender squire skull bass,Peavey milestone 3,Epiphone les paul special. I have changed the strings on the Fender to D'adario 100-45 gauge and the Epiphone to Ernie ball 100-45 gauge.I am not happy with either set of new strings. They both sound thin and kinda twangy.I liked the strings that were on them when I got them but don't know what they were.Should I go to a different gauge, or brand.Or will they sound better as they get more broke in. The new strings are a couple months old
They will sound better after a bit of playing.

Edit: Maybe try heavier ones? I'm not a bassist but that seems quite light?
The gauge seems medium. And yeah just depends what sound you like, once you've played them for a bit longer they will sound less bright or twangy and become more 'rounded' and warm.

Some bassists leave their strings on until they break just beacuase they like the warmer, rounded sound better.
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Heavy DR's gave me a pretty nice sound.....
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