im thinking about getting this Boss BR-600 digital recorder. i am totally new to recording music and don't really know much about it so i have a lot of doubts, even after watching videos and reading some info either on general recording and about this particular product as well. hope someone can help me out...here it goes.

1 - it seems there's only 1 jack for a guitar. it means the guitars/bass have to be recorded separetely right? for example, my band plays the song, with only one guitar recording, then the other guitar switches, we play it again and it records the other one... is this correct?

2 - can i do this : guitar -> floor modeller/pedal -> recorder. this kind of connection without a amp but with the modeller or pedal for effects.

3 - will the final sound quality depend solely on the gear (guitar, effects and recorder) or also the sound card on my pc? considering i think the recorder does everything and then you only export it to the computer

4 - you can do all the mixing on this thing without doing any on the PC?

5 - can i build a good demo of my band, who knows maybe even good enough to send it to a publisher to see if anyone's interested?

6 - can the MIC inputs (or outputs?) be used to record the drums? will i need special drum mics for that?

7 - the drums will have to be played alone to record right? otherwise the mics will pick up all the other sounds..

i have other doubts but for now i think its enough, i'll ask as the thread goes. sorry for sounding so ignorant but part of all these questions come from the 0 knowledge of recording and also because english isn't my first language so some technical terms are beyond my league.