Hey there UG! I've saved up some money (surprisingly quickly after getting my cab), and I'm thinking of buying a high-capacity media player. The two I have my mind on are the 60GB Creative Vision M, or the iPod Classic.

The way I see it, the iPod is better than the Zen, but I need to sort one thing out first -

Is it possible to play MP3 files on the iPod?

The reason I'm asking this, is (as far as I know) iTunes converts your MP3s into some other audio codec (forgot what it's called, M4A? ), which results in you having two different copies of each song on your PC, but in different formats. I don't have the space on my PC for this, therefore I wouldn't be able to make use of the iPod, unless you can somehow switch iTunes to not convert my MP3, and to to download them as they are onto the iPod.

Thanks a lot UG!
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