So Im pretty sure Im going to start playing guitar. Im gonna set up a few lessons at the start for a few weeks or months but before that i need to purchase my first guitar . Im looking for an acoustic guitar that is not only for beginners so that when I start to improve I wont have to buy a new one any time soon.

I wanted to ask you guys to give me a few pointers for buying a guitar. What is the normal price for an acoustic guitar? What brands shoulg I look for? And any other useful advice you can give me.

Try some at different places, its all about the feel to you. Also, don't get a really high-end acoustic, because no matter how much you think you'll like playing, there's a chance you won't and you don't want to waste money. I would recommend something such as this.

Hope you enjoy guitar!

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i'd say shoot for $400 if you want something just a bit above a beginner guitar.
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I would get a cheap one, if you are just starting, you aren't going to be able to tell the difference between what sounds good for what you are going to eventually want to do. Any advice you get on higher end guitars is going to be highly subjective and people have different preferences in tones and playability. Advice on lower end guitars tends to be more objective, because people usually focus on quality rather than tone for those. There are legitimately some junkie brands out there, which you should avoid, but most actual instrument stores don't carry them.
I suggest just going to the nearest guitar shop and trying some out. You might find a descent guitar for like 300 bucks in a local shop.
To get my first guitar, i went to a pawn shop and picked up one that the guy there recommended. I still enjoy the way it sounds, even though it isn't the greatest quality guitar i could've gotten. I'd say not to drop too much money on the guitar to start out, just in case you end up hating it. By the time you know you need a new guitar, you'll probably already have one in mind anyway. Good luck!