you all are great intrament players, but I didn't much care for the vocals. Almost like you were being too timid. He eaither needs to be more confident and sing, or practice to get better.
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Yep, thank you for comment, I am a singer and I sing not because I want but because I kinda have to, because no one else want to sing...
Any other crits? would be appreciated
I like, it's driving, but the melody is strong. For some reason your Polish singing and melody reminds me of various J-Rock bands that I'm fond of, but with more depth and strength to it. It's probably just the camera recording, but I can barely hear the bass or kick drum. Also, you know that The Wings were Paul McCartney's band after the Beatles broke up, right?

Critique my band back?
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Thank you BTW we know that The Wings is not only our name, (yeah Paul Maccartney) but who cares. any other crits?