JVM. But sI see your in Europe, so ENGL would BE WAY BETTER!
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yea i agree i would get an ENGL fireball or if you can afford it the powerball (think thats what its called) anyway they make great amps
ENGL are way expensive, even here in Europe...

That said, if you can afford it, buy one.
ok....Im looking into the Engl Powerball. I like playing high gain metal like pantera, Killswitch engage, Trivium etc. but i like playin classic rock and blues from time to time too. All the videos and soundclips i hear of this amp are of people playing metal in very low tunings (the lowest I ever realy go is D) so does the powerball do any other genres?
The Powerball is great at pretty much all styles of modern metal. Super tight, and very high-gain. Great cleans, but wouldn't be my choice of blues amp.
Out of the Engls, I like the Invader 100 the most though. It's not quite as aggressive as the Powerball (still a monster metal amp though!), but is far more versatile. The EL34s give it a definite Killswitch flavour too.

Also worth looking at are the Framus Cobra and Dragon. They really are incredible metal amps, the Dragon being slightly less gainy and darker voiced.