Hey there!

Here's a vid of me playing Purple Haze by Jimi Hendrix.
Some of you might remember I had a vid of this song up a long time ago too but I re-recorded it because the obvious mistakes and out of tune bends annoyed me. I hope the bends are fine now.. please let me know if they're not good yet if they're not. I haven't got really good ears for that kind of stuff .

Hope you like it

you're overdoing the bends a bit much. bring 'em down in a pitch a bit and you'll be fine
great tone.

you have improved a lot since the last time I heard som' of you, about 2/3 year ago.

the next step I'd take is to look for some diffrent variations of the chorus and verse that jimi used to play and incorporate them into my playing to make it sound more interesting and "jimi-like". =)
That's not bad at all. I think you have the feel and timing down pretty well but those bends are off. I don't know if you wanted it that way but it sounds out of key. You actually bar the chords but I play it like Jimi does with my thumb and mute some notes when I'm strummin' the main verse.

I've seen a couple of your other videos and you seem like you can play pretty well.
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Yeah, the damn bends..
I know Jimi used his thumb with the chords but I find barring them way more comfortable
Yeah the bends. But you did a good job. On time and everything, other than that I'd say you have some sick tone. Good cover 8/10.What amp are you using?

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You bent most of your notes to much, keep em to a minimum or they will stand out to much, you should also keep your bends more gradual instead of a sharp increase in pitch. Good job on the w'ah.
wow nice, 8/10!

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