Good condition, 1x12 Combo with the 2205 type head, made in 1985. It has new EL34's and a new 12AX7 in the phase inverter position. Original Celestion G12T-75. Cost me a total of $700 ($625+ shipping).

Now I don't really want a half stack or seperate cab + combo because I won't be playing at the level for awhile anyway. Maybe a small bar gig every now and then.

Good price or no?
good deal, you could have got cheaper but its still good price
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sweet, no regrets then. Killer sound, but I didn't wanna get ripped off.
Ok price. Get yourself one of these, so you can tune your amp to the way you like it. Plus it is very easy to do. My cab had those speakers, but I swapped them for vintage 30's and I'm much happier with them.
GT tubes are just rebranded, you'd be better with JJ power's and Tung-sol Pre's
excellent deal, you COULD NOT have gotten that any cheaper, congrats
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GT tubes are just rebranded, you'd be better with JJ power's and Tung-sol Pre's

GT preamp tubes are rebranded. The poweramp tubes are not. Do a little research.

What other preamp and poweramp tubes have you tried?
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