hey guys. I'm 5 7' and just about 50 kilos. Which is weird because I do almost no work all day and eat a lot. I don't even walk for more than 5 minutes a day. Instead of being the fat bastard I'm supposed to, I'm skinny and weak... i wouldn't care much about it but I'm feeble, unfit, i look **** in photographs, i've a small ass, blah blah. I basically need to know how to gain weight... muscles not fats.. anyone has any suggestions?
weight gain powder, and hit those weights pretty hard. I think you max out about gaining a kilogram of muscle a week though. Its hard to get over that
eat american food. MCDONALDS, BURGER KING, uh.... t....TACO BELL, ARBYS, WENDYS(lots of their frys) and most importantly, SPAM ON EVERYTHING

its fool proof.
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do some research about food that is good for muscles and work out regularly with weights. the best i think is to do some hard, slow training like putting the gears high on the bike thing in the gym. or get a personal trainer and tell him what you want.
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i needed to gain weight for football, i was 175 and needed to be about a mobile 220, and i tried everything, the best way which got me to where i am...eat heavy before u go to bed, at night id go grab a medium pizza and eat that, then hour later go sleep, its not healthy, but its more natural then powders and other stuff on the market, itll work, trust me...keep at it and once u get a bit of fat on you, then work out heavy and itll work out really well for muscle growth..keep the cardio down at first as well..good luck
Lift wieghts, eat cheeseburgers and anything else that is high in protein. You need to be eating about 1.5 grams of protein to every pound that you weigh
i have the same problem
earlier i played football all my life from 4-14 but then i thought im so thin cause of playing football and then i quit it. but nothing changed
i dont do sports anymore i sit a lot of more on pc then before and i eat more,rly
i eat so much like my dad or even more and my dad has to watch his weight cause sometimes he really gets more weight and gets alittle bit fat

im 1,68meters or something liek that
and my weight is 53-55kilos :/
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I think there is a book for you, it's called Scrawny to Brawny or something, it's for ectomorphs such as yourself. Honestly though you might just be growing and maybe you'll even out after you stop growing, if not it's your body type I'd just accept it
50 kilos. What is that like 37, 38 pounds? How are you still alive man?
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50 kilos. What is that like 37, 38 pounds? How are you still alive man?

It's around 120 pounds... I hope to god you are American
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50 kilos. What is that like 37, 38 pounds? How are you still alive man?

it's somewhere above 100 pounds
Use Weight Gain 3000.
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