Boss ge-7 equalizer 50$ perfect condition only used to record and that was like 4 times

Boss dd-6 delay 90$ has been used alot, its my most used pedal, has some dust around the knobs and has a little bit of spray paint on the rubber foot part, but other than that is in perfect condition, it sounds amazing... if your looking for a delay pedal this is a pretty good deal.

Boss ds-1 distortion pedal 20$ everyone knows what this pedal is like, its in good condition, never really used much i just use the distortion thats on my amp.

Dunlop crybaby classic Wha 50$ Is in perfect condition, has a little bit of dirt on the rubber foot part, but i will clean it off if someone buys it, sounds great.

Rolland micro cube amp 65$ i just used this amp to practice in my room, you know blocks songs out, write certain parts. Is in really good condition, one of the rubber corners is starting to fall off but other than that its in perfect condition, and sounds really good for its size.

I need to either sell all of this, or trade for a boss dd-20, you will have to pay a little extra for shipping because i havent figured out what shipping for these items would be, but i doubt that it would be that much, may 5-9 dollars for the pedals and maybe 10 for the amp.

Thanks for looking at these.
The equalizer has been sold, and no i threw the box out for the ds-1 same as for the papers. sorry
Everything has been sold, thanks for looking and next time i get some stuff i hope i will have as good as a response as i did this time.

Good prices!

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