hey, i've been listening to a few songs by Pink Floyd, Santana, and Steve Vai and notice that they're using a really cool technique. when they're sustaining a note for a really long period of time, the normal note (about 2 measures after holding) very slowly turns into a pinch harmonic.

I know Steve Vai is most famous for this, but i was wondering how they did it, wouldn't toutching the appropriate fret to make the harmonic be to sudden?

One song that most of you probably know the best is Carlos Santana - "Black Magic Woman"
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Nah, vai uses a sustainer with the harmonic setting, he flips a switch and this endless note goes into a harmonic.
However before he used sustainers and the other guys to do it (including satch) just leave the note to sustain until it starts feeding back.
sometimes it is 'ultimate sustain' where u need a big amp and the guitar inline with the speakers you let the note ring then move towards the amp so it starts to feed back.
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Steve Vai usually blows on it for this effect I think. Maybe it requires some type of pressure on a specific spot on the string, very lightly?


If this is what you're talking about, I don't think the blowing has any effect whatsoever. He flicks the switch of the sustainer to the harmonic setting.
Carlos used to pick his spot on the stage very carefully and mark it during sound check. This spot was where he stood to be able to play either with no feedback, on the edge, or into a controlled feedback condition, depending on slight movements one way or another. He was very good at controlling feedback this way.
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