Second song here!

This song is heavily influenced by the works Agalloch and Ulver, etc., but hopefully not too much. It also came out a bit shorter than I had planned, but I think it does the job good enough.

Will gladly crit anything you throw my way.
A Fading Testament.zip
Critting as I go.

I love the intro. Very nice. The drums are lacking imo. But nice melodies.

I like these next sections.. The contrast between the distortion and the acoustic/clean is very nice..

The triplet part, I love it. I love how it contrasts from what was right before it rhythmicly (sp?!). Get's a bit repeditive but vocals should fix that.

NOTE: Awesome use of staccato and triplets vs. even eighth notes in I. xD

Great transition to "J".

Nice solo in K...

I like L. But C3 hits you a bit hard coming out of L. I would suggest giving an epic roll around the horn on the drums going into L.

I like it. Could use a little bit of work just to perfect it. But now you have made me curious about those bands you mentioned. I am gonna go look them up.


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taht was really amazing to listen to

i liked it a lot, but it felt lacking something

-all of teh parts
-the clean solo stuff
-ambiant parts

-was waiting for an epic, electric solo

-nothing at all

just felt lacking that solo

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