OK so for those of you who read my last post I was in the market to go buy a tube amp (fender hot rod deluxe) for those of you who didn't it doesn't matter. So i go to the store check out the amp, used, and i plug in play for a little and then what i can only describe as an electronic hum / squeal come whaling out of the amp. The guy at the store tells me the previous owner probably didn't "bias" tubes before putting them in blah blah. This of course meant nothing to me at the time but after thinking, if I'm going to buy a tube amp and changing the tubes isnt as simple as swapping one out for the other than i'm going to need to get educated. So my question is did he mean by "bias"ing the tubes and then i guess what is the whole process of swapping tubes out if its not as simple as i thought? Thanks
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When you replace tubes, you should check the bias. If the bias is wrong, your tubes might sound bad or can burn out early from dispensing too many watts. The life of your tubes will decrease a lot if you don't check the bias. Some people know how to do it themselves, and most people have it done by a tech when they get new tubes.
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Its a very EASY process. You will laugh at people who pay to get this done, once you bias your first amp.
I recommend this bias probe. You will also need a multimeter.
The probe comes with instructions and a chart to match tube bias with plate voltages.

Read up on biasing amps, voltage is deadly inside your amp, even when off. I'll try to answer any other questions.
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