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Was another thing I failed
So now I'm not a reflection
But rather just a lie
Hold me on my deathbed
And kiss me while I die

So wash me up and hang me dry
Before we face this sea
Holding on to fate with you
As you hold to me

If I could replace my soul
With a teardrop from your eye
I'd end up with perfection
And fade into the sky

Every moment I am beside you
The ashes fall away
And I truly feel your majesty
As you cure with what you say

Another cliche that's set it's course
Is what we are today
But just inside of everything
We know we are okay

So vandalize my sins
And wash away my fading heart
Take away my desolation
And show me where we'll start

Life is not an obstacle
As long as I have you
To tell me this, I'm confident
In everything we do

Everything I know now
Returning in a gale
A thing I know I did alright
Was never something failed
So now I'm a reflection
I'll never be a lie
So lift me from my deathbed
And kiss me while we fly
If your life was a song, would you sing my name?
I thought the flow was a little choppy when it came to the first two paragraphs but that's all that I can really crit. It's pretty good. I think it would make a terrific acoustic song.
Punctuation it the difference between:
"I help my Uncle Jack off a horse."
"i helped my uncle jack off a horse"

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