I've wned a few high gain tube amps such as a Marshall DSL 100, a Mesa Dual and Single Rectifier, Randall V2, and some others. I played all these heads through a Behringer 4X12 400W Ultracab and I've gotten some pretty face ripping high gain tones off of it (and this is without any pedals. My philosophy is if I'm paying for a quality tube amp I shouldn't have to use distortion pedals.) Now I'm always hearing how Celestion V30 speakers are supposedly the best, and I know a lot of professional metal musicians use them, but I've played through Marshall and Mesa cabinets with the same amp heads and I'm lucky to get a classic rock distortion out of them. The V30s have nowhere near the low end my Behringer does, and seem to cut the gain from these high gain amps. They're the clearest sounding speakers I've ever heard, but why can't they handle high gain?
I prefer Eminence Legend's myself.
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Nothing is ever "the best" for everyone, for everything, all the way around. It's all subjective for who is listening and what style, etc.

Some say V30 is the best. Some tone snobs say nothing but an alnico blue will do. Some love the g12h30, and some love the m/b C90 (celestion as well). Some love a combo of them both.

Is the avatar 2x12 with a g12h30 and a v30 any "better" or worse than my friend's genz benz with v30s, or his bogner with v30, or my other friend's d13 with custom alnico blues? No. they're all good for what they do and how their owners like them - even if it's the same style in the same playing situations.
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I like Eminence Shadows but its all personal prefferance, i think V30's are too trebly, and im a metal head. At the end it comes down to what you like, some people will prefer there line 6 spider over a tube amp, its all personal prefferance when it comes to your tone. Thats why its called YOUR TONE
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v30s can be called the coca-cola of speakers. tons of people like and know 'em, they're popular, but there's different stuff out there that people like.
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Remember that the construction of the cab really affect the tone as well. I've heard V30s sounding harsh and fizzy, as well as huge and fat, depending on the cab they're in.

I'm normally a Greenback fan, but I've found that in the right cab, V30s can sound great.
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I prefer Eminence Legend's myself.

+1 pretty much anything eminence i like.
I find it odd that Vintage 30s can't handle high gain in your experience though, they are a very aggressive speaker perfect for it in my opinion.

I think I prefer G12H-30s though.
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V30 are great but personally i prefer Alnico Blues!!! I'd love a set of them so much but they're expensive as hell!!
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I dunno. I've demo'ed a lot of amps through only V30s. Then, I played a Framus Cobra through some Greenbacks. Boy, did THAT sound good.
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I'm going to be straight up, I don't like V30s. So calling them the best speaker ever is not right (I'm not the only one who doesn't like 'em). They have a pretty thin sound, the mids are very muddy and the treble is way too harsh IMO (my R30 used to have a V30).

If you want bottom end and good high gain speakers, maybe Celestion G12-75Ts?
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I have G12t-75s in my cab, and I think they really sound amazing. When I am playin metal with my amp cranked I can really feel the bottom end thumping in my chest.
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It's all personal preference. I say the G12M are the best speakers, but it depends on the sound you want. Some have good low end, but lack high end and vice versa. Each one will sound different. For my style the G12M are the ones that sound the best to me.
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