Just checking to see if I can quickly clear this up

Is the inversion of chords just changing the order of the notes that get played first or as you go down the strings?

Like C maj - CEG , would the inversion just be GEC starting with the G on the lower strings
in triads there is Root position Wich would be

C Major-CEG
1st inversion in wich you move the C to the top and it woulc be EGC
and 2nd inversion in which you move the E from the 1st in version to the top GCE
Root Position = C E G (The root of the chord is the lowest note.)
1st Inversion = E G C (The 3rd of the chord is the lowest note.)
2nd Inversion = G C E (The 5th of the chord is the lowest note.)
I think what you were saying its an open position chord, which means the notes are furhter appart
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Ahh cheers!

And if I did it with an Am7 - ACEG would it be the 4th inversion and GACE ?

Close, that would be the 3rd inversion
Oh yeah sorry, got confused with the counting, but thanks very much guys, you've been a great help
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nope thats 2nd inversion cuz the G which is the 5th is the base note

Not quite. If he had said a C6 chord instead of an Am7 then that would be right, but as it is, the G is the b7, not the 5th.
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