Ok, I am ready to replace my head with a Mesa, but I cannot decide if the Single or dual would be better. Here is my dilemma. The single would be easier to crank due to it being 50W, but you lose a channel with the single. The dual would be much louder when I get to the point of a good breakup, but I will get a 3rd channel that the single doesn't have. I don't think the sound quality between the single and dual will be great, but I just cannot seem to decide which one would be better for me. I have a 100W cabinet, so a Triple is out of the question. Granted I cannot think of any place that I play where I would actually crank the dual, but I would like to have that added headroom just in case. What would you do if you were faced with this dilemma?
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i'd go dual. i had one and i got some some pretty good tones out of it when it was quieter, it didn't get muddy at all.
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i've heard the single recto has more aggression than duals and triples, and just overall sounds better (not just bass and shrieky treble).
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I'd go for the single, you'll be able to crank it more without going deaf/killing kittens
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single id say but if you get a dual you could always get a atteunator (sp?) and still have headroom if you need it