is it true? Someone told me that dependent people will get a check for 300$ in March or april. Anyone know about this?

EDIT: I meant dependant, sorry
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"independent" people? what in the hell are you on about?
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Hes talking about the tax rebate for Americans. An "economic stimulus package". Fantastic idea, we Americans have such short attention spans that we dont remember that he tried this three years ago and decimated the surplus Clinton left us.
I think it's some stupid scam by the government where they think that giving the public more money to spend will boost the economy. Pretty dumb idea, but everyone wants to look good around election time.
(I could be wrong on this, but I think that's what's going on)
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wow, i filed my taxes so i should be getting this. but does it only count if you payed taxes or what?
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It goes to your parent/guardian dude. Its a tax rebate. The only way your getting it is if they want to give it to you.

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Dont you people watch the news at all? Im only talking to the Americans. You Brits are alright.
a little off topic, but from what ive learned in school, currency is an idiotic system.
Me: what gives money its value?
Teacher: the amount of gold in the US treasury
Me: what gives gold its value?
Teacher: the fact that society likes it and it has a certain scarcity
Me: so it has as much value as society put on it?
Teacher: yes
Me: so why can't we just print more currency?
Teacher: because we dont have the gold in the treasury to back it up
Me: but if gold only has the value that we place on it then so does currency. if we decided we dont like gold then what would currency be worth?
it kinda went on like that for a while, if anyone knows more about this topic than i do and sees that im missing something here let me know

ps. sorry for the wall of text
^What would suggest as a better system?

I mean, if you think about it, the only reason you want money is because you can exchange it for various goods and services that you want. However, if there was no money, then the only thing you can exchange for the things you want are the things you have and the skills you can provide.

If, for example, you want a guitar but the luthier has no use for the things you have or your skill-set, then you wouldn't be able to directly get a guitar. You would have to go to somebody who has something the luthier wants and trade with him in exchange for a trade with the luthier.

Currency is a much better system, because we have a general item that has a value and can be used to purchase anything from anybody.

PenguinEdit: And we can't just print more money, because the more common something is, the less valuable it is. If we just printed out more money and handed it out in an attempt to stop poverty, then prices would go up and the value of the dollar would plummet (even moreso than it is now).
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