WDMusic.com. Has lots of stuff, from Fender necks to nuts to FR trem and locking nut parts. They also do bodies and custom pickguards.

EDIT: Stewmac.com has alot of building stuff, like glues, plans, kits, and paints as well.
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Mighty mite necks are really good quality, but you won't have the options like you would at warmoth, but a neck won't cost you $400+ either.

For hardware, I can't say enough about Southeast music(eBay store). Steve's one of the few that only charges you the actual shipping for whatever you buy.(always combined for multiple items) No "handling" bullsh!t add on charge. The shipping label will show you pay exactly what he does. (My last order cost $9 to ship)

His parts are excellent quality and prices rival all the others. I ordered most of the hardware required for the build I'm doing from him and if you need a switch, his high quality pcb board switches feel smoother and much more solid than the standard CRL fender 5 way in my strat.

I've been doing tons of internet shopping trying to find the best balance between quality and economical/fair shipping prices, and a lot of sellers can't seem to get their heads out of their wallets to realise that people will realise a deal isn't a deal anymore if you've got to pay $40 to ship $90 of goods that weigh 2 lbs and fit in a box a softball would fit nicely into. /rant

Hope this helps
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