hey i just finished learning sweet child o mine....it took me about 3 months lol...i feel like a retard....but it was bcoz i didnt play everyday...i started practicing everyday last week and i learnt most of the song....this was an amazing discovery for me lol...

so anyway i was wondering what song would be best to learn next...:

seek and destroy - metallica

master of puppets - metallica

smoke on the water - deep purple

and how long did it take you to learn sweet child o mine??
took me a few weeks to learn it properly includin solos etc.. but i've been playing for a while.

in my opinion master of puppets is the most interesting to play out of all those in terms of technicality and fun. it's all opinion really.

smoke on the water would be quite easy.
master of puppets is so fun to play. the rythym really teaches you fast finger movements, took me a couple of weeks to get the timing right, and i can do everything but the solo. and im still working on sweet child of mine :P
I wouldn't worry about how long it took, especially if you didn't play everyday.
To find out what song you want to learn next, I'd suggest picking which one you enjoy most. This will most likely fuel you to play it more often. Master of Puppets is a very difficult song (the solo ) But if you handle solos well, then give yourself a challenge

As for me, I never learned Sweet Child o mine, but I learned Snow by the RHCP and it took me quite some time and it basically has 2 main riffs, so I wouldn't worry

How long have you been playing?
A million years, but that was also due to my lack of commitment. By the time I knew how to do play the main part flawlessly I had gathered enough discipline to nail the entire solo in just 2 days. Sweet feeling
i never learned the whole song of sweet child o mine, but i had already played for a while so it took me about a day, seek and destroy would be your best bet, the only hard part is when it gets fast, everything else should be easy, with practice that is..

p.s. nice taste in music
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ive been playin for 3 years...but mostly classical music on classical guitar...been playing electric for about 5 or 6 months......what do you guys think is better...learning only one song or 2 or 3 songs at a time??
I wouldn't go for smoke on the water. It's too well known and's not very impressive when you play it, because, honestly, that's the first song that people gear towards when they first start out guitar. Master of Puppets is a neat one though
I started about 8 months ago (took 3 off though because of WoW). Anyways I can't touch Sweet Child properly.

I say Seek and Destroy. I have all of that one down but the solo. Its fun to play. MoP is cool also. I play a few of the parts of that. If your into metallica, Creeping Death isnt that tough and fun also.

If your into Priest look into Breaking the law and Living after midnight; I learned both in 2 days so they're easy tunes.
ive been playing for about 6 - 7 months and have learned all the riffs and i think i can play them pretty well

is only the second half of the solo that still eludes me