So I've been playing since summer and I'd say I'm pretty good at playing electric and acoustic but lately, I've realized that I don't really know much about guitar and I have trouble doing motions that replicate playing a scale. So to hopefully clear this problem up I've been going to the lessons here on UG, got a scale book, and surfed the web.
I'm trying to get lessons now but I need to find a job

Basically, I'm just looking for WHAT scales I should practice and perhaps why I should learn them. Along with scales, my book contains the Circle of FIfths and the Modes, should I practice those as well or develop a sturdy foundation with scales?

(Sorry if this is a common topic, but I did search but couldn't find exactly what I needed)

Well, I'd say any Pentatonic scale would be a good one to learn. It really comes in handy with improvising and jazzy type stuff. Anyhow, it's a neat thing to learn just in case you ever want to play that sort of thing.

And of course there's your basic major and minor scales. Go through your book and work on some different complimentary major and minor scales. You can mix those up and create some pretty cool sounds.
Well like brodeur14 said, the pentatonic scale is a must to any guitarrist, it's just the simplest scale you can have. And it is verry good with blues improvising

If you want to go more further(sp?) you can lear those major scale's modes that your book has.

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I'd first learn your major scale and the circle of fifths, then go on from there. Don't stop!