Advice sought - what is wrong with Behringer effects pedals that makes them SIGNIFCANTLY cheaper than Boss? Is there a distinctly audible difference? Thx.
Behringers aren't though out to be as productive as boss pedals are. Boss pedals usually contain a lot of features that can be used to create tons of tones with only 1 of their pedals, which are why they are more expensive then some other brands.
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just quality... i only play boss pedals, sure they are expensive but in my opinion they sound much better and are way more worth it
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neither are the most expensive pedals out there by a long shot
but sometimes i like behringer when i jsut want to try something out
and don't want to spend alot of money
Generally Boss is better, but it seriously depends on the effect you want. I mean for the price there are better for the most part.
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neither boss or behringer are exactly top-of-the-line stuff. Theres much better things out there. Why go cheap on something if you're not going to like it?
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They're made of plastic, use cheap components, don't like most adapters other than Behringer (they'll be stuck on/led flashing all the time), and drain batteries really fast (and the battery compartment is confusing to get to), the input/output jacks and 9v slot don't seem 'tight' enough (my cables fall out...) Bypass is less than acceptable...... good enough for me.
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