Does anybody else have a problem with soreness on their index finger knuckle due to strumming. On downstrokes I rub the strings with the knuckle and by the end of the night its raw. Just curious if this is unique to me?

Yes I know I should try not to lean the pick that much, but I do.
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Well if you rub the strings with your knuckle, of course its going to get sore lol.
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No.... The fingernail on my index finger hits first and gets worn down quickly.
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I have a callous from the top of my index fingernail to the first knuckle.. It will get better over time, it's just from your finger hitting the strings.
Use a pick?

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I do. Unfortunately some people weren't born with a death-grip on the pick therefor your fingers slide down on it and your knuckle can end up hitting the string if your strumming aggressively.
... How are you rubbing it with your knuckle? Try positioning the pick various way to try to reduce the rubbing that happens.
yeap...happens to me...specially when playing something like reggae or ska...your constantly scratching the strings so my index finger usually starts bleeding....i wipe my strings and pickups after this lol......and my index finger nail is scr***d up coz of this....